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A little about the different families I've had experience with...

Family 1: Five-year-old Triplets with Level 5 Cerebral Palsy. I learnt a huge amount from working alongside the boys' parents and this job was truly invaluable. Duties included feeding, changing, bathing and keeping the boys safe. I learnt how to use feeding tubes and other specialist equipment as well as noticing any signs that one may be nearing a seizure and what to do if this happened. I got to know each of them so well and learnt how best to interact with each boy to keep feeding and bath times calmer and happier.

Family 2: Sister (7) and Brother (4). I learnt the children's school pick-up and drop-off routines and really enjoyed relaxing with them after school. Duties included dropping and collecting from school and looking after them both at home until a parent returned from work. This allowed their Mum some respite whilst their Dad was away and I feel that I learnt a lot about the affects of a parent being away from home can have on a family and the importance of them having a wide support network. The children warmed to me very quickly and it's always very sweet when the youngest one asks for you to stay for dinner every week!

Family 3: A family on a summer holiday, four children aged 4,6,9 & 11. I learnt valuable skills from working with this family, learning how best to approach learning and teaching with a variety of ages and personalities. Duties included feeding, tutoring, and keeping the kids entertained and happy. Their parents were therefore able to go for meals out in the evenings and on day trips with either the two oldest or two youngest children, allowing the other two to do some learning and have a fun day.

Family 4: Full-time Nanny for Sister (3) and Brother (7). I learnt the children's home routines very well and was able to take them for fun trips out. Duties included dropping and collecting from school, cleaning the house, ironing, cooking, tutoring, bathing and changing the children. This allowed their Mum to work from home in peace and for the children to learn new things too.

Family 5: Two-year-old Twins & Brother (9). I really enjoyed working with this family. The twins are super busy and very sweet. Duties included feeding, changing, and keeping the children entertained. I learnt how to encourage the children to try different foods and the types of play that the twins learn from and enjoy the most. This allowed their parents to keep working on the gym that they are opening soon.

What Parents Think

“Kathryn is reliable, trustworthy and has the most wonderful and caring manner. Both my children adore Kathryn and look forward to spending time with her. As a parent, this is highly reassuring and I can fully relax in the knowledge that they are being taken care of in the best way possible. She is a real life Mary Poppins!"

- Amy -Ella & Rafe's Mum